Agro Mediterranea

Agro Mediterranea Group

The Agro Mediterranea Distribuzione S.r.l. "A.M.D. Co. ' was founded by the partners Filippo Frongia and Andrea Manca with the aim of creating a company specialized in supplying G.D.O. of fruit and vegetables, in particular artichokes, tomatoes, asparagus, watermelons and melons main references of Sardinian fruit and vegetable production. Our mission is to best meet the expectations of our customers and end consumers.

For this reason we adopt a continuous and constant control system of all the main activities of our supply chain, guaranteeing the quality of our products from the fields to the passage on the platform and up to the table. We offer our customers a service that includes a study and continuous updating of cultivation / production techniques and a system of management of cutting-edge fruit and vegetable departments.

Our company is equipped with all the documentation that certifies the traceability of the product from the seed to the final consumer (from production to delivery):

  • 1. Seed (seed house)
  • 2. Nursery (global gap certificate - grasp) “Vivaio Peterle GGN 4052852910354”
  • 3. Agricultural Farm (certified global gap - grasp) “Sapore Sardo società semplice agricola GGN 4063061589866”
  • 4. Warehouse flows (ifs food certificates)
  • 5. Logistics (ifs logistics certificate)